About ME!

My name is Tabitha Leah. I am a fan of musical, culinary, linguistic, dance, photographic, digital, and hand-created arts. My philosophy is simply that “one cannot be well without embracing the trifecta of life- good food, good music and good people”. My mantra is “fuckin’ a”; a term I use as a diplomatic tool but sincerly.

I wish to be able to spread my philosphies around the world by going to different cities and countries, discovering good people with good music and good food, and introducing them to the rest of the world so that they might start to learn what the rest of the world has to offer them and why unity is important.

In case the many pictures of The Pillows, or just Sawao Yamanaka, didn’t tip you off- I’m a HUGE fan of The Pillows. Indeed, I enjoy Japanese rock as much as I enjoy South Korean pop music. After The Pillows, I fangirl over SOKO pop stuf Rain. Of course I fangirl over Rain., who doesn’t? But Rock ‘n’ Roll is my first and truest love, and even though I fangirl over The Pillows, my hero’s also include some of rocks finest: Mick Jagger, Keith Moon, Jimmy Page, Bo Diddley, Phil Collins and many, many more. I mean, I could go on for days. Literally.

I do love classic rock, classic Mod rock, and the like, but my heart is in the now. I want to find the best musicians of today. I want to find them and give them a starting point to make their music heard all over the world!

There’s so many wonderful new artists I just hope I can live long enough to experience them. Bonzai! <3TL


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